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Sam has been surrounded by music his whole life, performing with various bands, and production companies developing a wide array of musical knowledge and awareness. Music is his passion and he strives to share it with the world. He is a vocal graduate of the Humber College Contemporary Music degree program, and has been training in the music fields of jazz, classical, and contemporary for over 8 years. Through his time at Humber, Sam has studied with various musicians, such as Greg Wells (Adele), Rik Emmett (Triumph), Ian Terry (Celine Dion) and Denzel Sinclaire (Diana Krall), learning the ways of songwriting, performance, production, music marketing, and music business. Sam has also had the opportunity to work with London based producer/songwriter/programmer James Sanger (Madonna, U2, Phil Collins) and has rehearsed and worked with Toronto based Musician/Producer/Songwriter Alan Shiner (Pizza Pizza, Coca Cola, Mariah Carey and Drake). 

" Music is so much more than people realize, it's release, it's solution, it's comfort, it's freedom, it's medicine. We as artists are the voices, and you as listeners indulge in our opinions and give us the support we need to make a difference. Don't let them wake you up, never stop dreaming. "


Oct. 11th / The Rivoli,  Toronto ON. / "This Love" Single Release Party

Reviews & Articles

VoyageLA Spotlight - Sam Louis

July 30, 2019

VoyageLA reaches out from Los Angeles to connect with Sam about the hardships, rewards and inspiration of the music industry.

Sam Louis Named April “Best Vocalist Of The Month” With His Song “Echo”

April 17, 2017

“Echo” is a modern pop ballad which has an electronic flavor to it. The song has an appealing melody, which flows well from beginning to end. “Echo” provides a good showcase for Louis’ expressive, heartfelt lead vocals, and he also adds good harmonies in the choruses.

Sam Louis Brings Daydream Home

December 27, 2016

Singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Sam Louis (a.k.a. Sam Migliazza) may have dropped his debut full-length album Daydream back in April, but tonight at the Foundry, Thunder Bay finally gets a taste of the sunny electro vibes.

The Evolution of Sam Louis

June 01, 2016

The Walleye Magazine's Q&A with Sam Louis and how himself and his music have evolved. 

Sam Louis' "Crave U" Makes You Crave His Upcoming Album - 24OUR MUSIC

May 01, 2016

What’s perhaps most impressive about Sam Louis’s music is its incredible versatility; from one song to the next he switches genres so completely you might be hard pressed to believe they’re by the same artist. 


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