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When an artist is worth the hype they’re usually worth a lot more and Sam Louis is proving that he’s worth it all. This Toronto-based singer/songwriter first released the infectiously hypnotic single This Love, signalling to music lovers that there is a bold new music maker on the scene – someone who is able to sing/craft clever melodies and rhythms, but with a timeless air that crosses both genre and generations. The Humber graduate of the Contemporary Music Degree program inspires live on stage while demonstrating his technical skill. Sam has studied with various musicians such as Greg Wells (Adele) Rik Emmett (Triumph) Ian Terry (Celine Dion) and Denzel Sinclaire (Diana Krall) learning the ways of songwriting performance production music marketing and music business. Sam has also had the opportunity to work and song write with London based producer/songwriter/programmer James Sanger (Madonna U2 Phil Collins) and has rehearsed and worked with Toronto based Musician/ Producer/Songwriter Alan Shiner (Pizza Pizza Coca Cola Mariah Carey and Drake). In 2017 Sam was recognized by the Toronto Independent Music Awards being nominated in the BEST POP ARTIST category. 

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So Long California


This Love - Sam Louis Cover Art.jpg


This Love - Sam Louis Cover Art.jpg
Reviews & Articles

Sam Louis Preps for Much Movement

November 19, 2019

For Sam Louis, he was just an adolescent surrounded by family when one of the most prolific bands of the ‘90s entered his world and changed the course of his existence. We talked not only about that moment right off the bat, but how far he’s come since – and where’s he plans on heading with “This Love” and beyond.

VoyageLA Spotlight - Sam Louis

July 30, 2019

VoyageLA reaches out from Los Angeles to connect with Sam about the hardships, rewards and inspiration of the music industry.

Sam Louis Named April “Best Vocalist Of The Month” With His Song “Echo”

April 17, 2017

“Echo” is a modern pop ballad which has an electronic flavor to it. The song has an appealing melody, which flows well from beginning to end. “Echo” provides a good showcase for Louis’ expressive, heartfelt lead vocals, and he also adds good harmonies in the choruses.

Sam Louis Brings Daydream Home

December 27, 2016

Singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Sam Louis (a.k.a. Sam Migliazza) may have dropped his debut full-length album Daydream back in April, but tonight at the Foundry, Thunder Bay finally gets a taste of the sunny electro vibes.

The Evolution of Sam Louis

June 01, 2016

The Walleye Magazine's Q&A with Sam Louis and how himself and his music have evolved. 

Sam Louis' "Crave U" Makes You Crave His Upcoming Album - 24OUR MUSIC

May 01, 2016

What’s perhaps most impressive about Sam Louis’s music is its incredible versatility; from one song to the next he switches genres so completely you might be hard pressed to believe they’re by the same artist. 


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